Is your mobile website helping or hurting your business?

GreenStreamMobileIt’s no secret that people use their phones and tablets for everything these days. We’ve talked before about the importance of having a mobile friendly website, so we don’t need to belabor that any more…the message is clear, make sure you have a mobile presence online. What tends to get lost is more in the “Why” of mobile websites. Being able to identify what they are looking for and make sure you are providing that is really what’s important.

The answer to that question can help you determine the information you put on your mobile website, the best location for that information and how to make it easy for them to take action and become customers.

So how do we figure out what information people are looking for?

Google has put together a huge mobile resource called “The Mobile Playbook” that has a bunch of great research and analysis on these very topics. The playbook is a very large ebook, so I’ve distilled the important parts to this discussion into these 4 stats.

  • 94% Were searching for LOCATION info.
  • 51% Resulted in a store visit.
  • 48% Called a store.
  • 29% Made a purchase in a store quickly

After you take a minute to digest those numbers, we can start to pull out some useful action items. I’ve come up with 3 such nuggets of wisdom.

  1. Address/Directions – They want to come to your store, so make your address very easy to find and include directions with a mobile map somewhere like the site footer that’s on every page.
  2. Phone Number – Make sure your phone number is located both in the top and bottom of every page. A very common thing for mobile visitors is to use your website as a way to get your phone number. If they’re like me, I tap on the phone number to call, so make sure it’s compatible with those functions.
  3. Product/Service Descriptions – People who make purchases want to know about the products they are going to buy. For mobile users, stay away from overly wordy descriptions. Keep it simple and give the most important information in a way that can be understood quickly. Also make sure to have links to purchase if you sell online or forms and easy ways to contact specifically about the product or service they’re looking at.

Now you have 3 research backed ways to improve the information you present to your current and future customers.



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