What is Google For Work?

logo_lockup_apps_for_work_icon_verticalOver the past few months, we have really been making a push to convert our customers from our traditional email service to the Gmail’s business class service. They call the suite of tools Google Apps for Work, and it includes many tools in addition to email that can help make your business more efficient and productive. We’ll talk about a couple of the most important ones.


logo_gmail_192Gmail – 4 Reasons you will love it

  1. Uptime – In our culture, email is expected to work all the time, everytime without fail. It is the way many of us do much of our business. Google has created a world-wide network of servers that ensure you can access and send email from wherever to wherever, all of the time. (source)
  2. Spam – As an administrator of a traditional email server, I know very well that spam is one of the biggest issues plaguing our inboxes. Even with some of the best spam filtering software, some still gets through, and if you let your spam filter get even a little out of date, the unwanted emails start piling in. Google has some of the best spam filtering on the market. In fact, they claim that only 0.1% of email in the entire Gmail system is spam. (source)
  3. Encryption & HIPPA Compliance  Privacy is one of the most important issues in tech. Making sure your data is kept secure is very important to Google, so much so that they have created a Whitepaper specifically on the topic “Google for Work Security and Compliance Whitepaper: How Google protects your data“. Additionally, for those in the medical field, Google will sign the BAA Agreement to ensure HIPPA compliance (learn more here)
  4. Put your company’s .com on it – Many people use regular Gmail accounts for their business email, you’re probably familiar with people giving you an email address with an “@gmail.com” on the end of it. Google for Work makes it possible to put your own domain in place of the “gmail.com”. We use Google for work for our emails, so our “greenstreamweb.com” emails are sent/received through gmail.


I love the Google calendar! I have used it since it’s launch in April of 2006 (source). Being able to have an online calendar that allows me to access it from anywhere, on any device, is so helpful. Google for Work takes that functionality and adds in the ability to share calendars between staff, have scheduled resources, group calendars and more.


Google Drive is the umbrella service for Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides…pretty much what Microsoft Office provides. With these web based applications, you can write proposals, create spreadsheets, generate customer surveys, and put together presentations.

If that weren’t enough, with the collaboration tools included, you can not only share all of these documents, but you can work on them together, in real-time, and instantly see any changes made to the documents. Just a few years ago, this level of collaboration would have required some pretty expensive and advanced video-conferencing or computer sharing technologies. Now you have that technology in your computer, phone or even smartwatch!


If you are interested in getting your business setup with Google Apps for Work, click here


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