Custom Review Management

Reputation is one of your business' most important assets. As an owner or manager, you probably know this better than anyone else in your organization. Trying to keep up with everything in the fast paced, always changing online world can be a daunting task. If there were only a few places people could leave reviews, it would be a fairly simple process to manage, but there are 100s of sites that people can leave feedback.

We realize that your time is valuable so we have developed systems and procedures to help you get more positive reviews and address issues connected to negative feedback.

Our Online Review Philosophy

We have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to online review management. For us, it boils down to the following 3 statements.

Features of our Review Generation System

  • Email Requests (up to 100/mo)
  • Personalized Feedback Form (up to 10 questions)
  • Embeddable Widget/Code
  • Standalone Feedback Page
  • Conditional Form Logic
    • Identify positive/negative feedback
    • Filter responses
  • Customized Response Emails
  • Managed Response DB
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Feedback Postcards (extra fees apply)

Respond to every review

Whether positive or negative, all feedback is an opportunity to show your customers you care about them.

Negative reviews are a great opportunity

An apology, a little empathy and an offer to make it right may just turn around a negative review

Ask for feedback/reviews

Most people don't think about leaving a review/testimonial unless you ask them to.

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Reputation Management
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