Scam Alert: Domain Registration

domainregistrationscamThere are always companies out there looking to take advantage of you to get control of your domain names or websites. I wrote about one of the most common letters people receive here. That scam leads you to believe that you need to renew your domain. The problem is, you may have registered your domain with GoDaddy. These people will take that domain, transfer it to their account and then charge you a bunch more than GoDaddy or other more legitimate companies. On top of that, it’s also possible that you relinquish ownership of the domain itself. That is the real worry because they can then hold your domain hostage and require you to pay fees to get control.

This email is one that I haven’t seen before so I thought it would be good to share it in case you get this one as well. It looks completely legit (minus the scam graphic I laid over top :), and you might easily think that this is a totally normal domain registration email…after all they mention your domain name, GoDaddy and the date of purchase…


If you receive this email or any other emails that¬†tell you to renew or register, stop and think if this is truly from the company you purchased through or if something is not right. Most companies will never do renewals through email. Godaddy will send you notifications, but you’ll still have to go to to do the renewal.

Note: Feel free to send me any other examples of scams you’ve seen.¬†


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