Google Search Console Setup Highlight #1

Get 5 Stars on your Google Search Results

Get-5-Stars-On-GoogleEveryone who has a website would like to show up on the first page or even the first result in Google. It’s the gold standard for website optimization. There are many factors that contribute to ranking, which we will get into in later posts, but Schema is one factor that not only has search ranking implications but makes your results standout more (or look cooler). 

Here’s what I mean, if you do a Google search for “Local Search Optimization Clarksville“, you’ll see Green Stream in the results (hopefully 1st or 2nd). One of the first things you should notice is the 5 orange stars. Those stars are part of an aggregate review ranking that really helps us to stand out on that page.
Local Search Optimization Results

Reviews are just one part of Google’s Schema, which is basically a way of coding and tagging your content in a way that tells the search engines exactly what it’s looking at.

Here’s a quick list of some main types of schema Google recognizes:

  • Creative Works: books, movies, music, recipes
  • Events
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place, Local Business, Restaurant
  • Product, Offers
  • Reviews

Search Console Data HighlighterSo how can you code for this schema?

You could follow the instructions on or use one of the schema generators, but the quickest and easiest way is to use the Google Data Highlighter. Found within the Google Search Console, the data highlighter is a tool that allows you to tag various elements of a web page and tell Google exactly what that data is. (Note: if you don’t have the Google Search Console setup for your website, click here to see the step by step setup guide…it’ll take 10 minutes)

To better explain how this works, we’re going to use one of our latest web designs for Sango Pool and Spa here in Clarksville.

Start Highlighting Search ConsoleStep 1: Go to your Google Search Console (here)

Step 2: Click the Blue Button that says “Start Highlighting”(note: you will not see this welcome screen if you have already started this process before.)

Google Search Console Setup Highlight #1Step 3: Enter your web address, Select the “type of information to highlight”, and whether or not you’re going to tag just that page or select multiple similar pages to group together. For this example, we’re using the following selections:

  • URL: Homepage
  • Type of Information: Local business
  • “Tag just this page”

What you should see now is the main Highlighter Tool Screen with your website on the left and a pane on the right entitled “My Data Items”. This is where you can see the various types of information you’ll be able to highlight. 

Step 4: To highlight your business information, simply start selecting the various data elements. Once you have something selected, you’ll see a popup that asks you to select what type of information it is. For example, find on your page where you have the text of your business name. Highlight that text and pick “Name” from the list that pops up.

Watch the video below for the demonstration of the Highlighting process from beginning to end.



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