HTTPS versus HTTP – Why your website should be encrypted

Website encryption for the longest time was reserved for those large online businesses like Amazon/Best Buy or financial institutions like banks and investment services. Over the past few years, we've seen an exponential increase in website malware and other malicious attacks. This has resulted in an industry wide push for better and more available encryption. 

Reason for encryption #1

When your site is encrypted, any and all information passed from your web server to the browsers viewing the page are kept private, including web forms, passwords, and credit card numbers. This is important for obvious reasons and it is why you should only buy anything online from a store that has that little green lock icon next to the web address (see pic above for example). This level of security can also make people feel more comfortable filling out a form to contact you.

Reason for encryption #2

The people over at who track google search trends have recently found that "half of page 1 Google results are now using HTTPS" (source). This is a direct result of an announcement way back in 2014 where Google said that HTTPS was being used to determine search rankings (source). Ever since then, websites have been increasingly turning to encryption as a way to bump up their search ranking.


As Google continues to increase importance on encryption within search results and an ever growing problem with malware and other attacks, you are only going to see HTTPS more. If you haven't begun the process of encrypting your website, you need to start now so you don't lose out on potential customers because your competition has already encrypted their website. 


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