How Important Are Keywords?

clarksville-website-services-SEOThe ONLY way Google knows what your site is about depends entirely on what keywords you choose to put in the text of your website. There are two parts to making sure your website is optimized for the products and services you provide:

  1. Knowing what words to use (you may call your product one thing, but your customers may use another term)
  2. Using those keywords in the right places and # of times throughout your site.(Section headers, body text, etc)

A great place to start is by figuring out what keywords you currently have in your site. has a tool that we have found indispensable when analyzing websites for keywords. You’ll get a report of what words are used on your homepage and how often they show up. From here, you can start to make changes to include or exclude certain words based on what you are wanting to be found online for.

If you would like more information or to chat with us about performing a full website analysis, click here.

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