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Grow your Facebook audience in 1 hr/wk.

Social Media ManagementWe all know how much of a time waster facebook can be. This only gets worse if you’re trying to build an online presence for your business. In all the years I’ve spent on facebook, this one tip has saved me the most time, while allowing me to build a solid social media audience.

Scheduled Posts

With all business facebook pages you have the option of writing a post and scheduling it to post at a later time. We generally recommend people have a time each week that is dedicated to facebook and social media posting. In one hour, you should be able to come up with a post for each day, schedule them all for the most optimal time and move on to more important things.

How to setup your scheduled posts – If you are on your main facebook business page, you simply create your post (add images, type text, add links), then click the little arrow next to the “Publish” button. There should be a couple of options, but when you select “Schedule”, it will ask you when you want to post it. Click “Schedule” and then repeat for all your posts that week.

Another way to schedule your posts is to click on the “Publishing Tools” in the navigation just below the main facebook bar. From there select “Scheduled posts” and it will show you any posts you have already scheduled and let you create new ones.

For added effectiveness, create a list of 5-10 different post types you can use each week to further simplify the process of coming up with all those great infographics, memes, and funny quips. Here are some examples for a real estate agent:

  1. Most expensive house on the market in your city
  2. Cool kitchen layouts, designs or photos
  3. Current listing of a client
  4. Weekly tip to improve your home’s value.

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